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Cochem Medieval Dinner



Distance from base: 82 km

Tour 1) A special medieval dinner not to be missed!

Our renaissance experience begins in the picturesque Cochem village, where you will have some free time to walk around. A short (steep) hike to the castle will be rewarded with an amazing view overlooking the Mosel River. After a guided tour of the castle, we gather within the fortress walls and our medieval feast begins. You will be treated to a meal fit for royalty! Bread, soup, and a turkey drumstick large enough to make King Henry’s mouth water! Your meal also includes a drink, cheese, nuts, and grapes. Don’t forget to keep your wine cup as a souvenir. During dinner, we will be entertained with music, stories, and games from medieval times and some of you may even be crowned King and Queen! This event is not recommended for younger children.

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Tour 2) Step back into medieval times with the whole family!

This special family friendly event at Cochem Castle is not to be missed!
Dress your kids up in medieval attire or as ghosts or robbers as we take an exclusive tour through the Cochem Castle! This fun, medieval costumed event will be entertaining for the whole family! Our experience begins with some free time in the beautiful town of Cochem before hiking from the village to the castle overlooking the Mosel River. We will tour rooms which aren’t usually featured on the normal guided tours and are especially interesting for children. We will take a sneak peek into the Castle Tower, Parapet, Torture Chamber, and much more!
You and your costumed little knights, damsels, ghosts, and robbers will be exploring exciting corners of the castle that nobody else gets to see – where the “castle ghosts” roam and get lost! At the end of the castle tour, we will take a seat at the knight’s table in the restaurant or in the former chapel and enjoy eating a fun “medieval robber’s meal” with only our fingers followed by a small, tasty dessert.

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Tour 3) Enjoy the thrills of a ghost tour on Halloween!

No brave soul has to be afraid of the ghosts. They are really shy and hide in dark corners. You will explore forgotten corners of the castle that nobody else gets to see. 
Medieval life will be relived in these historic walls and our little ghost hunters will get a visual explanation of medieval defences. At the end of the tour the group takes a seat at the knight's table in our restaurant or in the former chapel and strengthen themselves with a well deserved robber's meal which is followed by a small dessert. 

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Tour 4) Thanksgiving in the atmosphere of medieval times.

After a castle tour you will get to enjoy a festive medieval dinner in the Knight's Dining Hall. This tasty regional meal features rye bread with schmatz spread, beef soup, a turkey leg, flat bread, cheese, nuts and grapes. Wine will be served in a souvenir wine mug. Throughout the meal you will be entertained with bawdy stories about medieval table manners and enjoy live entertainment. 

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Dates & Time

    Tour 1)  Tour 2)  Tour 3) Tour 4) 
Date   21-Sep-2019 N/A 27-Oct-2019 28-Nov-2019
Departs   1400 0930 1130 1400
Returns   approx. midnight 1830 1830 2400



Tour 1) Itinerary for Medieval Dinner     

1400 Departing Spangdahlem                  
1530 ETA at Cochem                                 
Free time                                                   
1845 Meet at the castle gift shop               
1900 Guided tour of the castle &                
Dinner afterward                                         
2230 Departing Cochem                            
2400 ETA at Spangdahlem                


Tour 2) Itinerary for Special Family Day

0930 Departing Spangdahlem
1100 ETA at Cochem
Free time for lunch, shopping or a stroll through Cochem
1315 Meet back for the hike up to the castle
1400 Meet your castle guide for a 1-hour tour
1500 Medieval Robber's Meal
1700 Departing Cochem
1830 ETA at Spangdahlem


Tour 3) Itinerary for Ghosttour              

1130 Departing Spangdahlem                   
1300 ETA at Cochem                                 
1315 hike up to the castle                           
1400 Meet your ghost guide                      
1500 Medieval Robber's Meal                  
1700 Departing Cochem                            
1830 ETA at Spangdahlem                    


Tour 4) Itinerary for Thanksgiving

1400 Departing Spangdahlem
1530 ETA at Cochem
Free time
1845 Meet at the castle gift shop
1900 Guided tour of the castle & Dinner afterward
2230 Departing Cochem
2400 ETA at Spangdahlem


 Prices Tour 1  Tour 2 Tour 3 Tour 4
 Adult €98  €62  €67 N/A
 Child (3-12) N/A  €55  €63 N/A
Method of payment: cash (EUR and US), credit card (MC, VS, AX)


Tour 1)  Tour 2)  Tour 3)   Tour 4) 
 Round Trip Bus   Transportation  Round Trip Bus  Transportation  Round Trip Bus Transportation Round Trip Bus Transportation
 ITT Escort  ITT Escort  ITT Escort ITT Escort
 Guided Castle Tour  Guided Castle Tour  Ghost Tour  Guided Castle Tour
 Medieval Dinner & Souvenir Wine Cup   Medieval Robber's   Meal Medieval Robber's Meal  Thanksgiving Dinner

Not Included

  • Tips
  • Meals not mentioned in the tour description 
  • Beverages
  • Entrance fees not mentioned in tour description

Cancellation Policy

  • 25% up to 14 days prior to tour departure
  • 50% within 14 days of tour departure
  • No refund for same day cancellation or no shows regardless of reason
  • No refund for SAPI prices
  • Fees are per person based on total tour price
  • Please note, cancellation policy applies to day tours only
  • Different policy for overnight tours is mentioned separately in the individual itinerary

Passport Information & Travel Documents

  • Valid US Tourist Passport and No-Fee Passport
  • Military ID or Sponsored Base Visitor’s Pass
  • ITT Receipt / Reservation Confirmation

Additional Information

  • Price and itinerary are subject to change
  • Non-smoking, non-alcoholic tour bus
  • Tour requires a minimum number of participants to confirm, full details on tour departure status is available on our website.
  • For an enjoyable trip we suggest bringing the following: local currency for meals, drinks and purchases, comfortable walking shoes, snacks, water, umbrella, camera. You may also bring a pillow and small blanket which you can leave on the bus.
  • What is SAPI? SINGEL AIRMAN PROGRAMMING INITIATIVE - Who is eligible? U.S. Active Duty or Reserve Component personnel permanently assigned to an Air Force installation or Air Force led Joint Base without a spouse.

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