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Eligible Service Use

To utilize our services you must be:

  • US / NATO Armed Forces (active duty)
  • DOD/GOV civilian personnel (GS, NAF, DoDDs,)
  • Active or retired US Military
  • Other valid military ID Card holders.
  • Immediate family members of the above groups

Eligibility for ITT bus tours

  • Family members, visitors, and dependents of Military ID cardholders can travel with the ITT bus trips as long as the ID card holder pay the trip AND accompany them on the trip.
  • Friends (who are non-US citizens) of Military ID cardholders are NOT allowed on ITT trips.

No ITT service

  • A valid ID card has to be provided on request any time!
  • With a no valid ID card you are not eligible for purchased service or refund of this service!

Service Hours

Monday - Friday
0900-1700 hrs

Sat-Sun & US/German Holidays: Closed

Last ticketing: 16:30

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