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General Terms & Conditions


  1. ITT is only an agent for various hotels, contractors, bus companies, and travel agents and is on no way responsible or to be held liable for their obligations, accidents, delays, or losses.
  2. ITT and Commercial Agencies reserve the right to alter itineraries as needed
  3. ITT and Commercial Agencies reserve the right to cancel tours, should a minimum participation not be reached.
  4. All tour bookings require a down payment of 50% of the tour price and must be paid in full one week prior to the tour departure. Tours with a grand total of less than €35 must be paid in full at the time of sign-up. All concert tickets must also be paid in full at the time of sign-up.
  5. Customers are responsible for:
  1. Ensuring you have proper Visas, Passports, and other travel documents needed for the country you are traveling to.
  2. Proper conduct throughout the tour.
  3. Any damage to the bus, hotel room, etc. during the tour.
  4. Making sure you depart from the correct location at the correct time and boarding the correct bus.
6. A single room supplement will automatically be charged on all overnight tours when one person occupies a room to him/herself. You are required to pay the supplement after notification.
7. All persons who sponsor a non-ID cardholder are responsible for ALL DEBTS incurred by the guests.
8. ITT and Commercial Agencies have cancellation fees for all tours. In all cases, a cancellation fee will be charged according to the cancellation policies on the flyer. See reverse side for additional details on cancellations.


In order to make your tour most enjoyable we would like to pass on some information:

Tour Flyer & Receipt: After completing your tour reservation, the Travel Clerk will provide you with a copy of the tour flyer along with your tour receipt. Please keep these as they provide pertinent information regarding departure places and times, policies, details of the tour, emergency phone numbers, etc. and are required to show your tour escort you are booked for the tour.
Tour price and extra money: Costs for services, which are advertised as “included” on the tour flyer, will be paid by the tour company. To ensure you have enough extra money, please read your flyer to find out which extra costs might occur on the tour (i.e. optional tours, admission fees, meals, etc.).
Travel documents: Please ensure you have the proper documentation for the country/countries you are traveling to as required by law. Be aware that Great Britain and most Eastern Block Countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, etc.) require a valid US Passport for US citizens as well as a Visa for certain non-US citizens. In order to find the exact requirements about different countries please contact the consulate of the country you are traveling to or check the website mentioned below.
Non-ID cardholders: To travel on an ITT tour, by regulation you must be an ID cardholder or be sponsored by one. The ID cardholder must sign the tour registration form. For family members or non-ID cardholders traveling on a tour, ensure you have a valid passport and a base entry pass. You can obtain your base entry pass from the Pass & ID office outside the main gate; ID card holders and visitors must be present at the time of issue. Foreign Currency: If you need foreign currency for your tour, please order it at least 3 days prior to the departure date from the Community Bank or a local German bank. In order to avoid losing money due to the conversion rates in case of a tour cancellation, please wait to pick up your currency until you know if your tour is confirmed. Please note for most of the Eastern Block countries you cannot take their currency in or out of the country. We recommend taking either US Dollars or Euro to exchange for their currency in that country. Some countries with Euro currency are Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Spain.
Small Children: According to European laws every individual on a bus has to have his own seat. Children under a certain age have to sit in a baby seat. Depending on the duration of an ITT bus tour the following prices will be charged for children under the age of 3 years: Day tours €25, 1 Overnight tour: €49, 2 Overnights or more individual calculation.

Single room supplement: Tour prices are per person and based on double occupancy. Single room supplements will apply for one person occupying one room. In order to avoid paying this supplement, there must be at least 2 people in one room, so ask a friend to go with.
Parking on base: Please be careful you do not park your car in a restricted parking area while you are on a tour. Returning from a tour and being greeted by a parking ticket is not the nicest welcome.
Tour Escorts: ITT sends a tour escort along with our trips. Please understand an ITT Escort is not a professional tour guide but more of a host/hostess to assist you with general questions and concerns and to pass on basic information. If your tour includes a guided city tour, in most cases we hire a local tour guide to give you detailed information about your travel destination.
Busses: For your own enjoyment and that of your fellow passengers please keep the busses clean during your trip. Avoid eating “messy food” and use the garbage cans on the bus or take your garbage outside at the next available stop. Also, most busses are equipped with a toilette. Despite the fact, please know you should use public bathrooms as much as possible to avoid odors on the bus, especially on longer trips. Luggage: There are no amount, weight or size restrictions for luggage on the bus, but please be aware that for safety reasons all bags, suitcases, and coolers that will not fit underneath your seat must go in the luggage compartment underneath the bus as the isle must remain clear at all times.
Punctuality: Since our tours are on a set time schedule we ask you to ensure that you are on time for all bus departures. If you are late for the scheduled departure you may be left behind or be responsible for finding your own way home and the cost involved. Before you leave the bus at your travel destination, know what your bus looks like (color, license plate, etc.), where it is parked and when the bus is scheduled to leave. If you are unsure please ask your tour escort for assistance.
Tour Itinerary: We are very concerned to adhere to the planned itinerary, but due to certain unforeseen circumstances the itinerary is subject to change.
Separating from the tour group: If you prefer to explore a destination on your own, away from the tour group, in most cases you are free to do so. However, before you leave please inform your tour escort and ensure you have the exact time and place, when and where, you must meet back with the group.
Comment Cards: We strongly encourage you to fill out the ITT tour comment cards that will be given out on every tour by our tour escort. It’s very helpful if you also give us your name and a contact, so we are able to reply to your comment. Your opinion, to include suggestions, recommendations, critiques, or compliments help us to provide the best customer service possible.
Passenger Safety is a big concern to ITT. We want to ensure you that ITT’s awareness is growing with the increasing worldwide threats. Should we get an official warning that traveling to a certain destination is strongly not recommended and/or prohibited, ITT will cancel the tour. If we get a message that only increased awareness and caution for a destination is recommended, the tour will continue as planned.
Tour Cancellation: Under most circumstances, tour cancellations are announced 2-3 days prior to the departure. In this case, ITT will call to notify you. Usually, if you do not hear from us, your tour is confirmed. However, since sometimes we have difficulties getting in touch with our customers we do recommend that you call us on your tour status approximately 2 days prior to your departure.
Tour cancellations due to weather conditions: Our tour buses are very well equipped and prepared for winter weather, therefore our tours will not be canceled due to bad weather unless road conditions are officially declared as extremely risky.
Cancellations/ Refunds: Should you decide to cancel your tour reservation, the following cancellation fees cancellation fees will apply: 25% up to 14 days prior to tour departure; 50% within 14 days of tour departure. No refunds for same day cancellations or no-shows regardless of reason. Fees are per person based on the total tour price. You have to notify ITT about your cancellation immediately. Tour cancellations caused by a.) a letter from your supervisor (E-7 or higher ranking) or b.) a doctor’s note (if you have paid a cancellation protective charge) are exempt from a cancellation fee, however, these letters must be brought into the office as soon as possible but not later than 3 business days after the tour departs in order to receive the refund. If this condition is not met, NO refund will be given. Refunds will be given Monday-Friday between 0900 hrs and 1600 hrs.

For detailed information on travel advisories and warnings, safety as well as on visa consulate issues we would like to recommend the following web pages:,, and
To find details on a specific country click on the “Travel warnings/ Consular info sheets” link and click on the country you need information on.

For any further information or questions please contact our ITT staff.

Thank you again for choosing ITT and we wish you a great tour!

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