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  • Lucerne Switzerland


    The typical Swiss city surrounded by the Alps and imbedded in a picturesque valley at the Lake Lucerne

Lucerne - DAY TRIP

Distance from base: 475 km

Lucerne is one of Europe’s moist charming destinations as it offers stunning lakeside scenery in addition to a mountainous panorama. The city’s reputation as a tourist resort is sustained with an incredible choice of our-round attractions and activities. Ideally situated along the Reus River, Lucerne is what many believe to be the “authentic” Switzerland- picturesque mountains, lakes, alpine villages and alpine flowers.

The city center pedestrian area is made of cobbled streets and lied with flower displays which illuminate the medieval style painted buildings. Above the old town is the original city wall from when Lucerne was only a fishermen’s village. The town is located at the northwest end of Lake Lucerne. The city’s top attraction includes taking a stroll across the famous Chapel Bridge, decorated with beautiful assortment of flowers. Its construction dates back to the first half of the 14th century and runs along the river leading into the historic section of town. This car free old town is home to Switzerland’s first Baroque building, the Jesuit Church built in the 17th century.

For a few days in late winter Lucerne goes wild. The streets are full of people in wild and wonderful masks, playing horrendously loud music on trumpets, horns and drums – this is fasnacht, the Swiss version of carnival.

The Swiss carnival called fasnacht is a major event in many cities. Like Rio has its samba tradition, several Swiss cities have their own enthusiastically cultivated fasnacht customs. And Lucerne has one of the liveliest and loudest ones.

Basically a mediaeval Christian tradition, fasnacht literally is the night before the fasting. An unruly celebration before Easter, it traditionally had to end at the latest by Ash Wednesday, when the strict 40-day fasting period started, where meat, alcohol and festivities were prohibited. With that prospect before them, it’s no wonder that people took the partying seriously. The custom also has the function of scaring winter away and making way for spring.

During mediaeval fasnacht everything was turned topsy-turvy, you could make fun of authorities without fearing punishment and parody and satirical humour ran wild. Poking fun at the powerful is still a central aspect of modern-day fasnacht in Lucerne. And here they are especially proud of their arty masks, the so called grende. The associations put an unbelievable amount of handiwork and time into the production of these masks, as you will realise when you see them.

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