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  • Neanderthal Museum & Wuppertal Zoo

    Learn about human evolution

Neanderthal Museum & Wuppertal Zoo


Distance from base: 200 km

Human Evolution
The Neanderthal museum features an exhibit centered on human evolution. It also includes an archaeological park on the original discovery site, a Stone Age workshop, as well as an art trail named “human traces”. Over 160 years ago, the first recognized Neanderthal was found a short distance from the museum. Here you will learn about the story of humankind from its beginnings on the African savannah more than four million years ago through to the present. Multimedia installations and audio presentations, along with traditional media like informational texts and the exhibits themselves, vividly convey the latest research findings from the fields of archaeology and palaeoanthropology.

Green city in the hills
Between mountains and wooded areas, Wuppertal is a great place for recreation and relaxation. If you like hiking and enjoying nature, but also want the city-life experience, Wuppertal is just the right city for you. You probably won’t go a day in Wuppertal without climbing or descending at least one flight of stairs. There are 469 stairways with a total of 12,000 steps around the entire city. The best-known stairway in town is the “Tippen-Tappen-Tönchen“ (Tip-Tap Tones) which sounds like you’re walking up and down the stairs in wooden shoes. The longest stairway is the “Jakobstreppe” with 155 steps connecting the district of Elberfeld-West and Nützenberg, and the most impressive stairway – architecturally speaking – is the “Vogelsauer Treppe” in Elberfeld-West.One of the biggest attractions in Wuppertal is the suspension tram line which carries passengers 12 meters over and above the Wupper River from downtown to the surrounding city districts. The cars are suspended from a rail with wheels integrated into the roof which makes you feel as if you are floating in the air.

Wuppertal Zoo
The Wuppertal Zoo is absolutely worth seeing. The grounds are very beautiful with impressive landscapes and lots of room for the animals. You could even forget that you’re in a big city! Round about 5000 animals of 500 different species are housed in the zoo. Worldwide unique is the glass front through which you can watch swimming tapirs. 2007 the biggest lion enclosure in a German animal park was built and in 2009 the second largest King Penguin enclosure in Europe with a special 15 meters long acryl glass tunnel through which visitors can watch penguins dive underwater.

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