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  • Nuremberg Christmas Market Germany


    famous for its rich history and local specialties

Discover Nuremberg

Distance from base: 450 km


Beyond ist main attraction of the Imperial Castle, St. Lorenz Church, and Nazi Trial grounds, there are 54 different museums of arts and culture, history, science and technology, family and children and more niche categories, where visitors can see the world’s oldest globe (built in 1492), a 500-year-old Madonna, and Renaissance-era German art. Nuremberg also offers several parks and green areas, as well as indoor activities such as bowling, rock wall climbing, escape rooms, cart racing, and mini golf, theaters and cinemas, pools and thermal spas. There are also six amusement parks nearby.

Tour 1: Combination Nuremburg & Bamberg
Explore Nuremburg
Nuremburg is the second-largest city of the German federal state of Bavaria after its capital Munich. Some of you may have heard of the famous Christmas Market called ‘Christkindls Markt’; but there is so much more to Nuremburg aside from the Christmas Market.
Nuremburg is famous for its historical landmarks like the imperial castle and the walled Old Town. The location of the city made it an important commercial hub from the Middle Ages onwards, and this rich heritage can still be seen and felt today.

Local culinary specialties: sausage (Nuernberger Rostbratwurst) red beer (Rotbier) and gingerbread (Lebkuchen).

Visit UNESCO world heritage site Bamberg
Located over seven hills like another famous city, this Bavarian town is nicknamed the "Franconian Rome". Picture perfect around every corner, Bamberg has one of Europe’s largest intact medieval town centers which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its winding narrow streets and half-timbered architecture are the holy grail of fairy tale Germany.
One of the highlights is the old town hall, which is precariously perched above the river Regnitz on its own island and connected to the rest of Bamberg by two bridges. Its unusual location is due to a dispute with the bishop where the townspeople were not allowed to build on the mainland, so they created a safe haven from which to rule their city.

Local culinary specialties: smoke beer
The city is known for its independent brewery scene and unique rauchbier (smoke beer). This is due to the unusual malting process where grains are smoked over a beechwood fire. Sample the beer at all nine of the traditional breweries to get a sense of Bamberg's distinct flavor. If that beer's strong smell and taste isn't your ding (thing), Bamberg breweries serve over 50 other types of beer.

Tour 2: Christmas Market in Nuremberg
The tour guide who will walk us through the former Nazi party rally grounds will wait for us right after arrival at Nuremberg. After the 2 hours tour let your self be enchanted by the special and festive atmosphere of the city. With its hundreds of years old history, the traditional market has to offer many things to do and enjoy.
Top 10 things to do at the Nuremberg Chrsitkindlesmarkt!
1. Enjoy the Nuremberg sausages
“3 im Weggla” = 3 in a roll to go. Enjoy it!
2. Try the famous Nuremberg gingerbread
The famous “Lebkuchen” is baked for more than 600 years in Nuremberg.
At the Christmas Market you’ll find them in every size and with different coatings like chocolate, sugar or even strawberry!
3. Join a stagecoach tour
Each visitor excitedly turn to look when the yellow stagecoach with the horses and the coachmen passes by. Experience a nostalgic trip around the festive city sitting cozily in the coach, passing by the sights of Nuremberg and listening to the Christmas songs the coachman plays on his trumpet…
4. Find gifts from all over the world
Right next to the Christmas Market, the Market of the Sister Cities dispenses an international flair. Sister Cities from all over the world sell gifts from Scottish kilts to Czech wooden angels and tasty French marmalade.
5. Meet the Nuremberg Christkind
With its blond locks, the big crown and the golden dress, it’s the symbol and most important representative of the Nuremberg Christmas Market! Every week from Tuesday to Friday the Christkind visits the Christkindlesmarkt daily at 3 pm.
6. Browse for beautiful Christmas tree decorations
Traditional handcraft products are an essential part of the articles sold at the Christmas Market like Christmas tree decorations made from wood of glass along with the famous Nuremberg “Rauschgoldengel” (gold-foil-angel)
7. Have a look at the funny Prune Men
They come along as piano players, waiters, football player and many more- the handmade Nuremberg Prune Men, made from dried prunes and figs. A great souvenir
8. The best view on the market
Climb the stairs like the Christkind to the “Church Of Our Lady” and you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful view on the red-white colored booths, the lights and the people strolling around the market…
9. Stop by the Children’s Christmas Market
An unforgettable experience for everyone is the magical Children’s Christmas
Market with a nostalgic merry-go-round, a Christmas bakery a Santa Clause house and much more.
10. Let the hot mulled wine warm you
When it’s cold outside, a hot mulled wine will warm you again after your stroll around the Market. It comes along in a beautiful mug, which is designed especially for every year. It’ll be the perfect souvenir for you kitchen cupboard at home.

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Tour 1

Round Trip Bus Transportation
ITT Escort
Guided City Tour in Nuremberg
Guided City Tour in Bamberg

Tour 2

Round Trip Bus Transportation
ITT Escort
Guided tour of the former "Nazi Party Rally Grounds"
Christmas Market

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