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    April Preview

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April Preview

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Yesterday's Fair @ Open Air Museum Kommern
April 15 Travel back in time and visit the open air museum which gives you insight in the way people used to live in an earlier era.AS a special bonus on this day there will be a huge fair as it used to be in the old days with candy shops, fire-breathers, stilt walkers and much more.

Keukenhof w/ Flower Parade in the Netherlands
April 22Explore a park filled with beautiful flowers, heather gardens, cascades, trees, ponds, fountains and some of the most picturesque landscapes in the country. Also enjoy the colorful flower parade. The flower corso will pass Keukenhof and the neighboring village Lisse.

Tongeren Fleamarket & La Batte (Belgium)
April 30Start the day at the Tongeren Fleamarket which has an international reputation when it comes to antiques. More than 350 exhibitors and about 40 antiques shops display their best merchandise. Spend the afternoon at 'La Batte' the oldest market for fruits, vegetables, cheeses, clothes, books, plants and more.

Definition of SAPI and Deployed Families

SAPI price:
Air Force Active Duty or Air Reserve Component personnel or enlisted member without a spouse are eligible. A member is allowed to bring one guest (and one guest only) that is also entitled to the discounted rate. This guest has no restrictions, and could be a civilian, a retiree, or even active duty in another branch of the military.

Deployed Families price:
Allows all Air Force assigned service members returning from deployments or dependent-restricted assignments and their family members to participate in FSS recreational activities. Eligible family members may participate while the member is gone and upon their service member's return. Members who have deployed in support of an active operation and are on a dependent-restricted assignment, and their dependents, are eligible for this initiative. The deployed service member and their family are eligible upon receiving official orders during the deployment and up to 1 year after the service member returns to the home station.
Deployed Affected Personnel is also allowed to bring one guest (and one guest only) that will be entitled to the discounted rate. No restrictions on the type of guest.
If the spouse wants to bring a guest, and their daughter also wants to bring a friend - only one of those individuals would qualify for the discounted rate. The other would have to pay the full price.

Due to the recent COVID-19 travel restrictions we may have to modify or cancel this trip!

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